About me


I was born in 1955 in Berlin, married, mother of four daughters, I live and work in Portugal.

Advanced training / Further education

Continious training through professional seminars in Lisbon.
Monthly training in working groups Classical Homeopathy and Holistic Kinesiology.

Qualification / Practice

2004, I received the authorization to pursue medicine as a medical practitioner of the APNA Lisbon.
Since 2004 general practice and children
Since 2004 member of the Association of Naturopaths APNA in Lisbon and DGAK in Kirchzarten
2006 Training in Meridian whole body massage
2007-2009 Training as a therapist for maladjusted adolescents in Portugal
2009-2011 training as a Holistic Kinesiologist 893 hours at the Academy for Kinesiology in Oldenburg Matthias Weber.
2011 Education Reflexology Massage Onen