Kinesiology - Life is movement

In the 60s, the American chiropractor George Goodheart called (1918-2008) Kinesiology for doctors ("Applied Kinesiology") to life.

Dr. John F. Thie founded in 1970, the kinesiology for laymen. As a chiropractor, he was a close colleague of George Goodheart and developed key concepts whose method.
The muscle test is the main working tool of kinesiology. With it, the effect of external and internal influences (thoughts, actions, emotions, stress, etc.) are tested for the organism.
Have both incriminating promoting influences changes in energy flow and muscle voltage. This may be exercised over the muscle test.
The muscle test indicates where blockages restrict the performance and well-being and the way in which they can be solved.

What you can do with the holistic kinesiology everything?

  • Promote the creative potential
  • Development of goals
  • Strategies for achieving goals
  • Resolving conflicts - Stress Relief - Narrow the Selbstwahrnehmung
  • Support for structuring everyday life of steps / from school learning
  • Enabling development / growth processes - Strengths of concentration skills
  • Excite awareness process- prevention, health education
  • Detecting and Resolving sabotage programs - Emotional stress
  • Chronic and acute pain conditions - herd / interference and scars
  • Allergies and intolerances - Weight control - Burnout etc.

Frequency Therapie

Zap away your ailments, allergies, bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, environmental toxins and skin diseases.

I offer various treatments in combination.

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First treatment 50€.

Follow-up treatments (depending on the complaint) 30€.

Psychological kinesiology - The Healing Power of Emotions

  • Influence of negative and positive emotions, attitudes and beliefs, which they do with our life energy.
  • patterns of thinking, remove blockages, process and casualty operations.
    Self- and CHANGE MANAGEMENT - stop the internal dialogue.
  • Stress Relief

Interior cinema with salutary effect

With the help of internal images are messages of the soul, little unconscious inner treasures brought gently to the surface of our consciousness.

In these mental images are feelings, behavior, conflicts represent symbolically and can be made and processed consciously.
Access to the personal resources opens.
Would you like to promote your emotions? Inner pictures with kinesiology - the introspection for beginners and professionals!

From the inner images there are often spontaneous, deep insights that look very invigorating.

Health promotion - Touch for Health Sythesis

  • Is a synthesis of traditional Eastern medicine and modern Western medicine combines knowledge of chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition and kinesiology.
  • On the basis of various muscle tests are single muscle moves and thus solved pain blockages and activates the neurolymphatic and Neurovascular points.
  • The healing power in harmony.

Reset Balance of Jawbone

A simple and gentle system that relaxes the jaw muscles and the temporomandibular joint compensates. With the "reset" the TMJ, find his normal functions back.
This method helps very effective in energy imbalance in the jaw joint in muscle injuries and sprains even if the cause is related to Emotional stress.
The method is applicable for pains in the back, neck, lower back, headaches and migraines. The stress reduction via nerves and muscles is enormous and very kinetically. You will fi nd the muscles and Sklett restored.


  • Allergies, food, chemicals, pollen, etc. over substance test zones
  • relaxation technique

Access Consciousness Bars

The bars are made of 32 energy points on the head. Here, all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, beliefs and habits to various areas of life are stored. Those pathways are activated by gentle touches. There are bars for different areas, such as healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, force, aging, sex and money.

In deep relaxation the brain waves slow down what like a reset button restarts the system and thereby creating more space. A very soothing and profound experience.

Areas of application:

Migraine - sleep disorder - ADHD - hyperactivity symptoms of stress - Depression - anxiety - Burnout-


Energy psychology

Quantum Consciousness
In the quantum healing the world is seen through different eyes for a moment conscious. We see that the theme of the person is only blocked energie. The intention is deliberately set to delete the topic of the person on all levels (soul, mentally, emotionally and physically) and what is out of balance correct.

The wave is like a biofeedback system, which indicates that something is set in motion.

The blocked energy was taken to flow on the physical level shows this by the reaction of vacillation.

  • Acts quickly and sustainably to physical and mental health problems.
  • Provides greater ease and serenity in life.
  • The mental powers are tested and balanced.
  • Work with flower essences.
  • For the understanding of consciousness and realization of the flowers.

Kinesiology treatment prices

Reset (requires 2 sessions of 45 min.) 2x40 €
Frequency Therapy 50 €
Psychological Kinesiology 60 min. 50 €
Health Promotion - Touch for Health 40 €
Access Consciousness Bars 50 €


Allergy, Food, Chemical, pollen etc. 40 €

Energy Psychology

Quantum consciousness 35 €
When making an appointment, please give 24 hours notice to keep the appointment. In case of cancellation within 24 hours, the full amount of the treatment appointment will be charged.