Emergency Pharmacy - Classical Homeopathy

There are the single agent explained. A few emergencies described in detail.
What do I do with different situations, how I react, what can happen when I have to behave like.

Homeopathy seminar for mothers with children

The small house pharmacy
This seminar will serve so that more mothers trust their children diseases and get to learn on hands of homeopathy to deal better with the fear that what could happen. The children no longer need to wait so long in the hospitals and they are doing something good for their children. The (...)


All colds - Classical Homeopathy

  • How should I behave.
  • What resources are required.
  • What do I take first.
  • Explanation of the individual agents.

Holistic Kinesiology

Kinesiology - The doctrine of the movement.

  • Learning of arm and finger test.
  • Test organ points, with psychological significance and regulation.


Please register by e-mail or by phone.
For each person 30 € duration 4 hours.